Saturday, June 13, 2009

So what now?

The hardest thing for me is to realize that agility is something that I want to do not necessarily something that Skye wants to do....I know our biggest problem is my training does not work for her, she doesn't see it as fun. That is what needs to change. I am reading Control Unleashed, I read it fairly quickly a few weeks ago and now I am going back through it slowly and making sure I understand all the points. I plan on working on Karen Overall's protocol for relaxation, and learning about T-Touch. I am going to get the DVD for Control Unleashed and go through the program with Skye. After that we are going to go and just sit through some Agility classes and do the relaxation and focus games. I want her to just get used to being in the building without having any stress or pressure, Then we may do a rally obedience class for building up her confidence......

My biggest issue is of course the teeter in the building, I feel horrible that everyone has to make an exception (not using the teeter) for my dog, but I don't know what else to do.

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