Saturday, June 20, 2009

Control Unleashed

So we are getting with the program...

I have read the book twice, and I am gonna order the DVD very soon. Right now we are working on the default behaviors, basically when I stand still Skye comes and sits in front of me giving me eye contact. I am also doing LAT when we are outside and on walks. I think she is getting the idea. I am trying not to really give her commands at all right now, just reward her for things I want her to do that she does automatically.

I also want to get a book on TTouch (doing what I can with what I know for now). We have been doing some of the massage work on the mat.

Also....I am looking at a pup at the Shelter on Monday...not making any decisions right now but boy is he a cutie. It says Jack Russell Terrier/Dalmation mix, but I am not sure about the Dalmatian. I am pretty sure I want my next dog to be more smooth coated and smaller. He seems to fit the bill.

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