Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Training Skye

After getting Skye settled in for a few weeks we immediately began a puppy obedience class. She did really well and learned everything easily. At home I tried to teach her a few things and found that if she didn't know exactly what I wanted her to do she would get stressed out, this was a new behavior to me, my previous dogs would just keep trying until they finally figured out what I wanted. I have found with Skye, she needs to succeed immediately or she will shut down, she must always be set up to succeed. This is not always easy.

After the puppy obedience class we moved on to a beginner Agility class that was recommended to us, once again everything went really well with that class I didn't see any sign of her stressing out and she seemed to enjoy the class. She did have issues staying focused on me and not the other dogs (something we struggle with to this day).

After the puppy class we moved to the next level so to speak, once again working half size obstacles and learning basic handling skills over jumps. This is when Skye started showing the first signs of stress. One day she just decided, this isn't fun and she refused to take jumps.....Around that same time I was 6 months pregnant with my third child and felt like a break for both of us was probably in order.

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